Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to Basics: Wardrobe

Besides the makeup-free mini-challenge I mentioned yesterday, I woke up this morning with zero desire to wear the fun but funky outfit I'd laid out for myself last night. 


Instead, I chose a crisp white button-down shirt with gray windowpane plaid pants and a pair of open-toe black heels. Of course, it's all old-as-the-hills because I need to go shopping. 


But I really love the idea of a work "uniform." I read about it this summer, around the time that capsule wardrobes were getting so popular, and it resonated with me. It's not too much of a leap for me. Until I was 12, I wore a uniform every day for school.

via Turquoise and Teale

I'm tempted to go out and buy a bunch of slacks in a rainbow of neutrals (black, grey, black & grey together) and five new white button-down shirts. I can always make it feel more fun by adding cool accessories.

via Stylabl

Maybe I should sign up for a wardrobe service like Stitch Fix? My pinterest board is exciting, but no help. Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers? I could really use a cute pair of jeans like these for fall!

The back-to-basics look is appealing to me on the homefront, too. More on that later!

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