Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trend or Trad Tuesday: Shibori

Just like "Wine Wednesday" is always a winner, I have been toying with the idea of theme days here on the blog. 

So Tuesdays may now be known as Trend or Trad (as in "traditional"). This is where I will examine in more depth some design thing that seems to be everywhere.

First up: blue and white textiles. Is there anything more classic?!
Halcyon Style Blog
I especially am digging blue and white pillows.

Charleston Mag
Don't they look so crisp and summery? I'm intrigued by the challenge of making them work for other seasons.
via Amber Interiors

The Shibori technique is basically Japanese tie-dye with indigo ink. When I saw the tutorial Shannon did, I realized this style is on trend. There are also tutorials here, and one from 2010, here.

When I researched the background of the word Shibori, I learned that the technique dates from the eighth century... So it is a trend with some very solid roots in tradition.

Although all of these links provide great how-to examples (I had already put the dye in my Amazon cart) it was this mini video on One Kings Lane's Instagram account two weeks ago that inspired me to get it done.

*Blue Sharpie marker
*Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Draw lines in a pattern on your fabric. I did a grid, but it's whatever you feel like.

Step 2: Pour the rubbing alcohol into your bowl, then dip your first Q-tip. I ended up using five Q-tips for a single side of a 28-by-28 inch pillow.

Step 3: Then alternately drag your Q-tip across the line or dab at the line. It produces slightly different results to drag vs. dab, and you can make the lines as saturated (or not) as you wish. 

The whole process took about 30 minutes and was easy enough to do while I watched a movie in my living room. Julie & Julia--have you seen it? Of course you have. It's from 2009, but I loved it all the same. How adorable is Amy Adams?! Also I totally want to try making a Julia Child recipe now. 


  1. Blue and white, ALWAYS a classic, but I do think it's also trendy right now....it just makes it easier to find fabrics and home accessories when the color palate you love happens to be the trend!

  2. Nice, love shibori, and never thought to DIY it!


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