Thursday, September 10, 2015

Catching Up

When I haven't been regularly blogging, trying to put a post together feels agonizing. On the one hand, I have soooo much that I want to share that I feel like I am going to burst! And yet my brain feels totally lost, as if the habit of putting words to all those scrambled thoughts has vanished into thin air.

For that very reason I am thinking about participating again in the 31 Days writing challenge that begins October 1st. This is the series that was started by the Nester. It now features categories, and if I do it, I'll write in the House & Home category. I'd like to keep each post brief and relate it to the idea I wrote about here about having a house that is done. Is there anything you would like to read about? Or, are you a blogger who is planning to participate? Please let me know!

Victoria Hagan / Architectural Digest
Also next month--the One Room Challenge(TM) fall linkup begins on Thursday, October 8th. There is nothing in the blog world that I love more than the ORC!!! But does re-decorating a room in six weeks fit with my plan to have a house that is done??? 

The answer is most likely "Of course!" But then I have to decide which room to do... I've been dreaming about a mirrored accent wall for awhile. After seeing the one above on Victoria Hagan's Instagram feed earlier this week, I've been pricing out mirrored tiles online and pulling out my tape measure at home.

Right now I've just started the Closet Cure from Apartment Therapy. After doing 10,000 loads of laundry before school started Tuesday, I culled both kids' wardrobes for things that were either too small or that they just don't like anymore. It really simplifies putting laundry away when the drawers aren't so stuffed! Today's assignment is sweaters.

I used the last, long days of summer to take care of all sorts of things around our house, most notably getting our photos organized. I'm planning to order a few more prints to update this wall, and am excited to give Artifact Uprising a try. Have you used them before? I followed a Facebook ad and was pleasantly surprised to learn about this company. 

In anticipation of first-day-of-school pictures, I bought some grasses to place in pots next to our front door. I really don't love gardening (it makes me hot, sweaty, and cussy) but I do enjoy thinking about flowers. The Fall is a great time to plant bulbs, and I've been adding lots of pretties to my online cart at Longfield Gardens. LFG20 earns you 20% off your first order with them and free shipping on orders over $50.

What have you been up to??? Let's catch up!

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