Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dark and Moody Rooms for Fall

It is the most beautiful day here in Michigan!!! The sun is shining; the sky is blue. It's warm, but not too hot. The leaves are just starting to turn colors... Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Such a perfect way to welcome the new fall season. 

Although the weather has me all smiles right now, in a design sense this autumn is all about dark and moody colors for me. I think it's because autumn is the beginning of a long season without much light. Rather than fight the darkness, I want to embrace it.

William Sofield via Asmara Rugs
Like this room, which has walls saturated in a deep blue-green and the main focal point is dark grey. It works because there's still a lot of texture and shine from the lacquer of the paint, the sheen of the velvet, and the accessories like the mirrored side table and brushed stainless lamp.

On the other hand, there is this stunning entryway. The walls are so crisp and perfectly white. But it still feels moody because of the large piece of art and the mushroom-colored velvet settee. Art can really set a tone for a room. And velvet is an easy way to make it feel more like autumn. I'm especially excited about all of the inexpensive velvet pillow covers here.

And George

The coppers and dark greys in this abstract piece of art make it feel to me more like autumn. Even the drinks we serve can change with the seasons. In the fall, I prefer red wine and spirits that burn the back of my throat. When the weather turns cooler, I want to feel warm from the inside out. 

Autumn is also a nice time to buy or bring in branches to display. In fact, I currently have a big bunch of eucalyptus leaves at my own house.

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  1. I'm so drawn to these type of rooms too! Love that bar cart!

  2. I'm super into moody prints right now!


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