Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Sell This House!

Good morning, friends! I am revved up and ready to get this week started! What? It's already Wednesday, you say? Well, whatevs. Let's get down to business...

This house in my neighborhood is still for sale. I wrote about it back in June. Then a few weekends ago, as we were coming home from church, I saw an open house sign! Since I am on my fourth mortgage, I feel confident saying this means there have been no (good) offers. 

And there really should be! The neighborhood is fantastic: quiet, tree-lined, and super close to schools. The house itself is a great price and a nice size. 

On behalf of my readers, I went to the open house to see it with my own eyes, and I'm glad I did--even if some people thought I was being snoopy. :)

From a decorator's perspective, there are a few issues with the house, most notably the kitchen. After going through the house, I would also say the upstairs carpet needs to be replaced and the bathrooms could use some updating.

"Move in ready" means different things to different people. Personally, I can live with lumpy carpet and less than ideal paint choices for awhile if the house has good bones. This one definitely does.

A few ideas for the next owner:

1. White out. By painting the kitchen cabinets and wainscoting white, this will make the space look bigger, brighter, and more modern. New cabinet hardware would also make a big difference for not much effort.

Since there is space in the living room for a dining table, this eat-in area could be turned into extra counter space with a freestanding island like this one. Open shelving on the wall above the island would provide more storage, getting things off the counters.

2. Designate dining. I would orient the dining table the other direction so it would face north/south rather than east/west. Adding a rug underneath the table, over the carpeting, and turning the sofa so its back is to the table will also help to make this area feel more like its own room rather than part of the living room.

3. Focus! By turning the sofa to face the fireplace, you create a natural focal point. This could be further enhanced by mounting a flat-screen TV to the wall above the fireplace. The cords could be hidden behind the paneling and run to components on the shelves next to the fireplace. A pair of light-weight chairs could be placed on either side of the fireplace for additional seating.

You can see more photos of this house and contact the realtor via Zillow

Besides baking you cookies to welcome you to the neighborhood, I am also available to help you re-decorate! Check out Your Organized Space for more information about our services.

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