Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who Wants to Buy Our House?

There is a touch of Fall in the air here lately. Which makes me excited for football games, cozy sweaters, and long walks through fallen leaves. 

And yet it's not quite August so I'm still wearing my summer clothes: white jeans, a citron striped shirt, shoes without socks...

All of which has not a thing to do with what I've been up to lately. Other than to say that by the time Fall is really in swing, maybe just maybe, we'll be moving to a new house.

On Sunday our realtor came over. I had spent what felt like the entire weekend cleaning and organizing and styling our house. We've been up late doing projects every night after working all day. And there is still so.much.more to do. How in the world did we accumulate so much stuff?!? For now, despite all my organizing adages, I've resorted to cramming stuff under beds. I suspect that won't at all work with kids in the house; they've already found some piles of old toys and gotten them out to play. 

Exterior of a pretty house in a great neighborhood at a fantastic price, but not a house we will be buying.

As fun as it is to look at real estate, I'm not getting my hopes up about any of the houses that are currently on the market. We have to sell our house first. {my mantra} To help speed things along, Saint Joseph is in the mail and on his way to us.

All the effort will be so worth it, though, when we see a "Sold" sign on our front lawn. And even better, get the keys to our new home!

As soon as the house is actually listed and the photos are online, I'll be sure to let you know. Some of the best tips for getting better pictures were in this post by the Nester.

Now it's your turn...

Tell me your best home-selling tips!


  1. I never really believed in the St Joseph thing until my mother in law used it after a year of no offers and got an offer in a week! Best of luck....

  2. Oh wow, Carrie. I feel for you...and will be doing some of the same things next year. I remember how stressful it can be to always keep the home really neat and tidy.One tip that I heard, but have never tried, is to take out half of your clothes from the closets. Apparently, it makes them feel larger? Good luck.

  3. My sister put St. Joseph in my Mom's backyard right before we were going to list her house. The day before the house went "live" for the listing the realtor called with an offer on the house.
    We will be pulling for you to get a great, quick offer, and that you find a wonderful house for your family.

  4. Good luck with selling... not an easy job and make sure you bury that st. josephs statue in the ground upside down. good luck!


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