Friday, November 21, 2014

High Five Pre-Turkey Friday

TGIF! Do I say that every Friday?! Eh, here are my favorites from the week:

1. Silver Bells

In a week from now it will be totally acceptable for me to be listening to Christmas carols and eating candy canes because Thanksgiving will be over. But because the snow has been flying all week, I sort of feel like doing all of that now. In fact, my daughter and I ARE going to this holiday gateway event tonight. Doesn't it look exciting?! I said last year we were going, but then didn't, so this is the first time in a decade that I'll see the state tree lit and the fireworks over the capitol! My fingers are crossed that the mystery Disney character leading the parade is Elsa (from Frozen). That would totally make the evening for my eight year old. This cute band will also be performing for free. Maybe because our state is shaped like a mitten that's why we all love the cold so much?!

While Bela and I are freezing are buns off at the parade, my middle schooler will be attending his first dance/activity night at school. I remember holding him in my arms the last time I went to Silver Bells, so this is a bittersweet occasion. 

2. Brrrrrrr


My favorite weather-related quote is the Norwegian saying: "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes." We stocked up on new boots, snowpants, and hats & gloves last week for the kids. But I thought this post was laugh out loud funny. Because when the novelty of all these pretty snowflakes wears off...

3. Bettering Myself


Maybe it's because Gillian Flynn is such a good writer and I find myself identifying just a little bit with both Nick AND Amy, but I'm thinking about trying to be a better person. Here's a good article about how to say no and not sound like a jerk that actually is also a great example of daily scheduling. This one is about how much complaining sucks the joy out of living for everyone who hears it. 

4. At Home in the Sky

Paris is talking about allowing another skyscraper and I'm thinking about how to decorate a home in the sky with inspiration from these young design assistants' apartments:
5. Crafty Christmas

Michael's has this cute craft project on its website here. It looks really really easy. Just promise me you will buy your supplies before next Thursday (also known as Thanksgiving).

Happy weekend! Xoxo

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  1. Looks like a wonderful event. Lansing is beautiful. My MIL on the East side of the state has only gotten a dusting thus far. Good for her as she is 97 and home bound!


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