Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Light Up Your Look

One Kings Lane recently asked me to think about my favorite chandelier and my favorite piece of statement jewelry as part of their Light Up Your Look campaign. Since I love dressing up a room as much as I love dressing up myself, I enthusiastically said yes!

Mid-century modern design has always been one of my favorites. It's gotten popular in the past few years, which makes it so much easier to both decorate and dress with it! What my  younger self wouldn't have done for Warby Parker's selection of black frames and cat-shaped glasses... But I digress. My  younger self didn't need glasses.


I chose this vintage starburst necklace from One Kings Lane's vintage jewelry section because is there anything more evocative of that time period than a star?? 


I think the star motif has a lot to do with the emerging space program. This would also explain the prevalence of sputnik chandeliers in mid-century modern design, but I'm just spit-balling. Whatever the explanation, they look great in any sort of room as evidenced above.

necklace / poncho / Rolex / Birkin

I paired the starburst necklace with this gorgeous poncho from Club Monaco. Doesn't it feel so bohemian beatnik?! A sleek ponytail, skinny jeans and simple white tennis shoes, a Rolex a Birkin... This is my ideal weekend outfit!

And what's better on the weekend than brunch???

chandelier / art / rug no longer available
Nothing. That's right. Especially if the hostess has mimosas. So I put together these items to create a room with a coffeehouse feel. You'll be reciting T.S. Eliot and snapping your fingers in no time.

One Kings Lane offers a great online resource for choosing the right chandelier for your space here. I'm thrilled to tell all of you that, per their tips, this baby would fit perfectly over my dining room table. Only 86 of you need to join OKL and make a purchase from my invitation in order for me to buy it. ;)

Once I got started, I couldn't stop... OKL is my rabbit hole.

chandelier / sofa / pearls / dress
How about a crystal beaded chandelier and a green velvet sofa (also available in navy and magenta!) for your room and a shift dress and pearls for you? This is actually how I like to dress when I have home improvement projects to do. No kidding.

chandelier / pearls / starburst

chandelier / rhinestones / dress

Does the way you dress influence your decor choices? Do your surroundings influence how you dress? 

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