Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sparkle & Shine: Chairish

Everything old is new again. Do you feel that to be true? I sure do! And I think it is so great!!

My pals at Chairish recently added thousands of pieces of vintage jewelry, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, and neckties to their collection of accessories.  The company is best known for their furnishings and home decor--like the bar stools in this design here.

Fringe necklace / turquoise tassel necklace / rhinestone earrings / bib necklace / bohemian Indian cuffs / Griffin brooch / pocket knife pendant / Chanel earrings / Chanel fantasy charm bracelet

But this new category of offerings is perfect -- not only for getting glammed up for holiday events or gifting someone with something sparkly but also for styling your home!

Unicorn /
Imagine using this unicorn bookend with a strand or two around its neck and maybe a bracelet hanging from his horn??


When you buy pretty things for yourself, you're actually buying pretty things to display in your home too! You can even make your own beautiful things like this marble dish, which would be the perfect size to hold a pair or two of earrings or a brooch.

Victorian woman bust / Rhinestone handbag / Hermes tie
A bust is another super fun and irreverent way to display your jewelry. I imagine I'd layer this Victorian lady with both necklaces, hang the purse off her partial shoulder, and fix the necktie around her head like the Fresh Prince.

 Moving on...

This beautiful vintage scarf could be worn a multitude of ways. Or, you could frame it...

As I mentioned, though, the collection even includes neckties like this gorgeous silk necktie which is actually Hermes and eight more here. (Chairish's search function makes it easy to find whatever your heart desires!)

Speaking of Hermes, it is not yet--but almost!--too late to enter Chairish's cozification contest to win a Hermes blanket. All you have to do is pin!

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  1. Lots of great pieces. I haven't forgotten about getting my list to you...the week started off quickly!


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