Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Big City Living

Did you watch the SNL 40th Anniversary show the other night? I did, and it reminded me of how cool New York City used to be in the 1980s.

If I was wild and free, I'd live in a high-rise apartment building in a gritty city. Some place where the next generation of comedians and musicians, artists and fashion designers are living and working. Some place that is unbearably exciting. Some place like ... Detroit.

Now, before you think I know anything about Detroit, I should tell you that I have never lived there and only go to the city once or twice a year. For work. But, in the way that a distant cousin is special because they're family, that's how I feel about Michigan's biggest city. And, bolstered by articles like this, my hunch is that Detroit is the next big thing.

In fact, I have even found the perfect place to live!

The Ashley, a former hotel, is a ten-story recently renovated apartment building near Grand Circus Park. It's within walking distance of where the Lions and Tigers play as well as close to the Fox Theatre, Detroit Athletic Club, and Detroit Opera House, as well as being on the People Mover line.

What most impresses me is how inexpensive the rent is for downtown city living. Less than $1,200/month?! Besides the proximity to everything and gorgeous views, it is all brand-new! The building opened this month, and according to their Facebook page, still has a few apartments left to rent.

The lobby area and balcony were restored earlier this year. A donut shop and wine store are opening in the building, too!

I love how the beautiful old floors were preserved as well as the old glass in the windows.

The elevator before & after is looking sharp.

Check out the gorgeous light coming into this kitchen.

A glimpse of the city from these windows.

I think it would be so fun to decorate these spaces! World Market has some great smaller-scale sofas that would be perfect for this amount of square footage. 

Have you ever considered high-rise living? It could be a great option for baby boomers who are downsizing as well as millennials making a name for themselves. 

All photos via The Ashley and its website unless otherwise noted.

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