Thursday, February 26, 2015

Symmetry: Chairs

One of the easiest ways to add symmetry to your room design is by adding a pair of something.

I especially like chairs.

A pair of chairs can be a great way to inject some fun pattern in an otherwise neutral room.

La Dolce Vita

Or, a way to add some excitement and interest with color.

A sofa of canary yellow or chartreuse might feel overwhelming, but a pair of chairs in those colors is just right.

via Carla Aston

A pair of chairs can be a great way to inject some luxurious texture like this pair of velvet chairs.


My wished-for-style lately for my own house has been the swivel bucket chair, "the chair that gives you a hug." I love that a pair was used in the Modernism Showhouse in Palm Springs recently!

To create this look in your own room is simple: just buy two instead of one. Easy peasy!

Last night I popped onto our local Craig's List to check out the furniture, and found these beauties.

It was as if the sky opened up and angels sang...

"Beautiful, like new two matching high quality barrel back chairs that swivel 360 degrees. Recently professionally reupholstered and show virtually no wear. Will fit into various decor and are very comfortable. Been in a older, single, non smoking, no pet, persons home. Amazing opportunity to obtain these chairs at a very reasonable price of $150 each or best offer. Must be seen in person to fully appreciate their quality and beauty. Thanks for looking. Can assist with delivery. Please phone call only."


A close-up on the fabric and upholstery.

I'm not a fan of the ruching (a French term which means to gather, ruffle, or pleat) on the back of the seat, which makes it feel a bit dated. But the large scale floral pattern is pretty and I am in love with that teal base color.

How much would you offer for these beauties? Or, do you feel that swivel chairs should be left in the 80s??


  1. Ha, Pottery Barn just came out with swivel leather chairs and everyone loves them!

  2. I think swivel chairs are making a big come back! I love those although I am not much of a floral girl but you could always reupholster. And that first room image is to die for!

  3. Oh, that's a tough one, I definitely love the style, but am with you on the rusching (maybe a pillow would help cover it up?) and they would be pricey to recover. I'd go look at them and see what you think of the fabric, if you love it that will make all the difference.

  4. I would probably offer $150 for both, since you would be changing the fabric I'm guessing. I would go for a nice velvet fabric on this one so I could see the shape better.


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