Friday, February 27, 2015

High Five Over Winter Friday

It's Friday. This week I feel like we have reached a finish line that I need to drag myself across. Do you feel that way too? I have a hunch that it's related to being stuck indoors too much, faced with a landscape that resembles the cold, dead surface of Mars. But, hey the weekend HAS to be better, right??? After all, it's the weekend!

Here are a few things that were exciting enough to share, otherwise known as my Friday High Five.

1. Awesome Art & Nature
I mentioned this in last week's post, too: feelings of awe can prevent disease. What I didn't realize, though, is that there can be many different sources for awe including art, God, and nature (and possibly really pretty rooms??). This is a quick read for a better life.

2. Spring Dress
Ann Taylor
I'm on the hunt for a spring dress or two. Why must it be so hard to find something that is stylish yet respectable? Grrrrr. This perfectly-pastel boiled wool dress is out of stock, which is a major bummer because it would have been a great work/Easter dress. But that dress everyone is talking about? I only see white and gold.

3. Girly Rooms
Redecorating my daughter's room has been forefront in my mind and I'm thrilled by the ideas these three ladies have shared of their own daughter's rooms: Cassie, Bethany, and Kristin.

4. Great Read
Station Eleven looks like a great post-apocalyptic story, set along the shores of Lake Michigan. The Michigan Humanities Council just announced it as their Great Michigan Read for 2015.

5. Best of the Nest

Some of my favorite bloggers are hosting their monthly Best of the Nest series. Check out Kris, Pam, and the rest to see all of the great submissions. I am including my room-switcheroo there, too.

Happy weekend! (Die, winter, die! :)
xoxo ~Carrie


  1. that dress is amazing! hoping they get more in for your size. xx, dana

  2. I love that dress but too bad I don't have the legs to go with it! hahaha! You on the other hand, would look fab in it!


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