Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscar Spoilers

Did you all get a chance to watch the Oscars? This was the first year in at least a decade that I was really into it, despite not having seen any of the Best Picture nominees (my daughter was rooting for Big Hero 6 in the animation category, and hooray, it won!).

I had to DVR the show, and even at this point--Tuesday morning--we still have not found out who the winners are in the major categories. I am hoping that this was Bradley Cooper's year for Best Actor; he's been nominated for the past three years, and his performance in Silver Linings Playbook was awesome.

Avoiding the news yesterday was a challenge! But it did help with a new resolution to stay offline until I get to the office.

I am more excited than ever, though, to watch movies, despite what this article may have to say about it.

Because there are the muted colors of The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Plus the gorgeous outfit of the woman who won for best costumes, Milena Canonero (on the right). Sequins! Plus red shoes!

The best-supporting acting in Whiplash and Boyhood, both of which look like movies my middle-school-aged son might enjoy, and the speeches by the winners, were pure gold.

The many, many foreign films. Full list of nominees here.

And Birdman, because in this article, it was the film whose d├ęcor most resonated with me.

 It was cited as being a great mix of high and low. Isn't this green sofa stunning?


The Lonely Island/Teagan & Sara performance of "Everything is Awesome" (watch here) was my favorite of the many great musical performances. Tim McGraw looks totally different, doesn't he? I haven't seen the Lady Gaga/Sound of Music tribute yet, but it was one of the few spoilers I read about yesterday.

Finally, did you know that the girl in 50 Shades of Gray is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson?? I did not, until the Oscars, but boy does it make me feel old. :)

Do you love rooms inspired by movies? What is your favorite movie based only on the sets or costumes?

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  1. I would go for Grand Budapest! Love the colors in that movie! I was disappointed BOYHOOD didn't win best pic, but admire Birdmans direction for sure. Tim Mcgraw is slim jim for sure, maybe he's preparing for a movie or something. He and Faith both look Fab I think


Thanks so much for commenting! I love to read what you have to say. ~Carrie


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