Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Design Crush and Announcement

There is no better time to announce that we (FINALLY!!!) purchased a real camera than to also reveal my latest design crush. 

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Much like this one, however, we found an amazing deal at a local store. As we drove home, full of satisfaction with our purchase, Phil pointed out that most people in our rural area aren't spending $400-plus on cameras. Thus, a Black Friday deal on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.

At some point I'll figure out how to actually take some good photos and upload them here on the blog. For now, though, I am soaking up inspiration from a professional photographer/photography instructor-turned-interior design blogger. Design Crisis was started by two friends--Erin (the photographer) and Karly (a web designer)--in Austin, Texas, in 2008. Their blog is irreverent and stylicious. 

Check out these pictures of Erin's mid-century modern house.

Design Crisis

This is just. such. an amazing room! I love the dark teal wall color, the way the fab bookcases are painted the same shade and melt into the background. Then the pop of cream from the clean-lined sofa. The symmetry of the pillows. The texture of the pillows. The color and pattern on the pillows. The barest peek here of the big, spotted rug. The reflectiveness from the sofa legs and the swing-arm brass wall sconces. And how the sconces are flanking this portrait that has literally divine color blasting off the canvas. 

Now check out what the room looked like before Erin made it over.

Seriously?! Did you laugh out loud?? I did! This is what the room looked like before someone had the courage and creativity to go from average to awesome!

One more time... When I say "be bold" -- THIS is what I mean. Whoda thought??

Here are a couple more photos from their smart, funny, beautiful blog.  (Told you it was a design crush--could I have used any more loving words?!).

Design Crisis
From a post about her long living room. While I love the emerald green chairs, my favorite part is the gold-framed black whatever that is--painting?
Design Crisis
From a post about her little guy's nursery. The huge chest, the pattern on the chair and the soft pillow, the drummer boy art. The drapes, the rug. Are those brass pussy willows coming out of the chandelier?? It's masculine yet soft all at once.


A detail shot from the nursery. More soft and hard elements.

The reason for the nursery. Isn't this photo stunning?! Proof that great photos really matter (and, of course, that babies rock).

What do you think? How can you be inspired to make your home more you? 
And how excited are you to see some of pictures of my house soon?


  1. Hi Carrie, thanks so much for featuring my crazy makeovers on your blog! I like to have fun with things, for sure :)

    Congrats on your new camera. Enjoy!


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