Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Coastal Decor

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." Charles Dickens, Great Expectations
The Coastal Contemporary sale on Joss & Main today is a wonderful mix of high and low, and all perfectly sun-shiny. I have great expectations of summer just looking at it.

These pieces are all in the low price range. For the set of two pillows the price is less than $30. Likewise the "You Float my Boat" sign is less than $20 and the ottoman is less than $100.

I'm crazy for seagrass if you haven't yet noticed so I totally dig this little end table for $86.95. The striped runner is fairly priced at $109.95, and the colorful anchor pillow is a bit of a stretch at $38.95.

Now for the higher priced pieces.

Unfortunately, the high rollers have already done their shopping, and the sweet $2,300 buffet is gone. But that great patterned chair and coral print are still available. 

I also like the easy way the high and low pieces mix together...


Those nesting tables are my absolute favorite in this sale and only $104.95. 

There are many other things I like in this sale like a cute little writing desk, big red anchor pillow, and tangerine indoor/outdoor rug. Just the word "tangerine" makes me happy. You too? Anything you are coveting??



  1. You changed up your blog. I like this background much better. I also love coastal stuff!

    1. Thanks! Me too. :) It's fresh for spring which I'm sure is right around the corner.

  2. Those are perfect decoration for your home especially in your bedroom. You can also create your own DIY home decors from old crafts and fabrics.

    1. Great point! These pieces make good inspiration for DIY projects, I think. :)

  3. This was a great round-up! I often find sites like Joss & Main to be so overwhelming that I don't bother with them, but I love what you've picked :) Those nesting tables are my favorite to!

    1. Thanks so much, Anne! I tend to find wayyy too much on those sites, thus my happy window shopping each week here. :)


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