Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Pillows

Bela is champing at the bit for me to redecorate her bedroom. I think I am almost ready to start making it happen. One of the only things I hadn't been able to visualize yet was the bedding. The colors that she likes best are pink, purple, and turquoise, and she LOVES rainbows! 

I want to make sure that her room "grows with her" (doesn't everyone always say that??). As much as I am trying to keep my kids innocent and childlike in their ways, I want to do the opposite with the decor of their rooms apparently.  I could barely stand to look at the babyish patterns on Pottery Barn Kids, but had trouble finding something just right at regular Pottery Barn. Voila, PBTeen! 

Swirly Paisely Sham / Pom Pom Organic Pillow Cover / Keala Floral Sham / XOXO Needlepoint Pillow / Crinkle Puff Sham

I like the idea of piling a bunch of pillows on her bed, and I have an idea for an upholstered headboard that would make it extra soft. The combination of these pillows together feels fun and colorful. Incidentally, the pink pom pom pillow can be monogrammed for an extra-special appeal. 

Happy Friday! What's everybody doing this weekend??

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