Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Links: What I'm Reading

A glimpse of my week through the blogs I have been reading:


Both Griff and Bela are still in the Tooth Fairy phase of life so I enjoyed this post from The Inspired Room. This cute little box would be a sweet way of storing their baby teeth.

Although it has been snowing today, there has been a definite feel of spring in the air lately. Which has all of us thinking about our garden and getting outdoors. The Longfield Gardens blog featured elephant ears earlier this week. I love their tropical look!

Yesterday's rain got me looking at people's umbrellas. My favorite was a bright yellow! My friend Dana's new blog features some very cool umbrella-inspired chandeliers.

Rainy days can bring even the sunniest personalities down so I was thrilled that Positively Present's picks included a link to her interview on Positively Empowered radio.

Finally, tomorrow is week six of the One Room Challenge. I cannot wait to see what all of these designers and bloggers have pulled off in their spaces. Very inspiring! 

Click here to find links to all of these blog participants

Offline I have been enjoying Katrina Kenison's first book Mitten Strings for God, essays on slowing the pace of motherhood. So lovely. 

And I made my first ever purchase from Craig's List, and will soon attempt to transform this 80's microwave cart into what currently only exists in my imagination. Wish me good luck!

What have you been up to lately? Do tell! :)


  1. Carrie, thanks so much for the link love to the ORC. Tomorrow is week 6, but we are revealing one week after that. I think it will be a bit confusing. 6 total weeks of work = 7 posts.

    1. I'm glad you clarified that, Linda. I knew it but might not have conveyed it very accurately here. Personally, I'm glad that there is another week after today so I can savor it all just a bit longer. :) Vicariously living...

  2. I love your blog! Thank you for linking to my new blog too. And, I am looking forward to following you and seeing the progress with that microwave cart.


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