Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lightness and Dark

I can't decide whether to write about fashion or women's issues today. I'll intersperse some of my favorite images from the One Room Challenge for those of you who just don't care that much about either (today is their big reveal--prepare to get giddy).

From Calling It Home. Linda is the ringleader of the ORC. It was hard to choose my fave detail from her makeover; I ultimately picked this one because I know that gorgeous gold-framed mirror was a $15 Craig's List find.

On the one hand there is my fab outfit. The calendar may say vernal equinox, but March is roaring outside like a lion with a burr in his paw. I don't care, though. I know it's coming. I feel it in my overly cold bones. So I'm wearing a sleeveless purple floral print dress today. Happy Spring!  I copied my sweet Bela's fashion sense and am wearing leggings instead of panty hose. The leggings are white cable knit that function like tights (read: should never be worn without something over my derriere). Big black boots--accident that the word "big" appeared after my behind?? And a lavender cardi. Only 3/4 sleeves so I'm shivering as I type. But I craved a salad yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that means spring is nigh.

From Kim Macumber Interiors is a re-designed home office in her basement. LOVE all the orange plus the pops of green.

On the other hand is Steubenville. We may be the only young household in the capitol area to carry the newspaper all seven days, which I have deduced from all the advertising by AARP, but I have no clue what number CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News are on my television. Which is a good thing because even with my head in the sand I hear enough about things I would prefer not to. 

Check out this little girl bedroom from Little Black Door. Could that fabric lampshade be any more divine?? Not to mention every other single thing about this sweet space.

Some beautiful, chic ladies who are also the most amazingly loving mothers complimented me today on my  outfit. And I feel good in it despite being cold. But I have a secret. There's a torn seam on the side of the dress that I just noticed even though it's pretty big; I purchased my leggings from the same place I buy my groceries; and the boots are older than my son. Also, when I was putting on makeup today I first had the thought that lots of blush makes me look so much more cheerful. Then I thought "kind of like Bozo." Refer back to the first sentence of this paragraph, though. Make an effort at style and people will appreciate it. It doesn't have to be perfect to be perfection.

Nancy from Powell Brower Interiors re-did her laundry room to be sleek and chic.

As for the other, I am a mom to a girl AND a boy. By the world's definitions they are a potential victim and a potential perp. But by god I will do everything in my power to make sure neither is either. I have hope. Griffin told me this weekend--completely unprompted--that he didn't like the suitor-selection scene in Brave because it made the princess seem like a prize, not a person. Another time, the sweet little neighbor boy wanted to "save" Bela while they were playing. She refused so she could save herself instead.

A little detail shot from Julia's bedroom on Pawley's Island Posh. Part of a bigger bedroom re-do that is truly masterful.

Some of you have never met me in person. I swear my truth is pretty close to the perception. I am cheerful and gentle and love to build other people up. When I walk my kids into school I sing out my hellos to kids, parents, teachers... So when I read about dehumanizing crimes of power and humiliation like in Steubenville and it makes me think dark thoughts of what I would do if that girl were my baby, I wonder "really? could I be a fierce grizzly bear mama?".  To protect her and keep her safe? To ensure that not only does she not see herself as a victim but that nobody else does either? 

From Classic * Casual * Home written by Mary Ann Pickett (no relation, although I'd love to pretend to be related so I could stay in this amazing guest room).

And then I remembered! Some of Griffin's friends were being mean to Bela during a playdate awhile ago and I turned on them. I told them "nobody talks to my daughter that way" and made them apologize to her. Who knows if any of the kids remember. Or if it made Bela feel valued, or the boys to see her as a person worthy of respect. But I'm glad to know that indeed I can be a strong mama. 

Super fun playroom from Markova Designs/Hodge Podge. I love seeing our family's favorite books on their shelves and the fun patterned pillows.

Be sure to check out all of the ORC participants via the links on their reveal pages. There is so much more to love than just what I featured here.


  1. You are so sweet Carrie, thanks so much for your support through the challenge and for mentioning me here. I really really appreciate you and your wonderful blog.
    xo Nancy

  2. Thanks so much for following along, Carrie! So sweet of you to post some of the beautiful transformations, too!

  3. Thanks for the mention. I know I was so upset about the Steubenville thing...think it happens more often than we know unfortunately.

    You certainly sound like a cool mom!

  4. How on earth did I miss this? Thank you so much for the link love. I know you have big plans for the next link up.


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