Monday, January 13, 2014

Color of the Year: The Also Rans

By now we all know that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, right? 

When I mentioned it on Facebook, I was surprised by how many of you were digging purple. And there are certainly loads of good inspiration out there for how to decorate with it if you are unsure. This one from Darlene is my favorite. 

via Design Taxi

But --and this is a big, Kardashian-sized butt-- there are some other colors that deserve mention. Something along the lines of the yellowy, in your face green predicted by the creative director of Reactive. {See the story from Design Taxi above}

I mentioned in my Design Inspiration post that I hoped to add a dash of citron somewhere in our new house. Citron is my name for that yellowy-green, sometimes almost neon, shade.

I was thinking a splash of it in our powder room.

It's used here for Elle Decor on silk panels in a dining area. Who needs coffee to wake up, right??

And, with a bit more subtle green, on the base cabinets in this small kitchen.

I even love it for fashion. These sandals are from Vaunte. When you join their site and make a purchase, I earn "cupcakes"-- yummy.

via FashionJot
This image merges citron with the second color--the big surprise color--that I am drawn to lately. A deep blue. Royal blue, almost. 

I love it most for fashion.

via Elle Decor
But there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into the decor of your home, too. My fingers are crossed for finding a gourd lamp (or pair!) in this color for our dining room.

What's your favorite color of the moment? How are you planning to use it in your life?

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  1. Loving these yellows and blues as well!! I adore That yellow and blue kitchen.


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