Friday, January 31, 2014

This Week

I enjoyed the four fabulous home tours here. Even though I didn't know Whitney Port was from The Hills, I still liked her closet TONS. Not too surprising since she went on to live in The City with this fashion icon of mine.

This Warrior Woman shares how her fifth grader's math teacher helps kids. It is just brilliant! If only we could do this for all people...

A new book was released this week to help with kid-clutter. The digital version of Clutterfree with Kids is available for $2.99 for a few more days. Luckily, I found my Kindle (amidst some clutter) just in time to download it!

Are you on Gray Malin's Insider's List? He is giving his subscribers free iPhone backgrounds! I'm picking this one of the Amalfi coast. Isn't it dreamy?

I skipped the Grammy's so missed her performance with Carole King but this song is in my head. Brave! What a good thing to be! 

If you are headed out to a cocktail party this weekend someone might be talking about the situation in Ukraine. I love this WP series that explains world events for busy people. Isn't that a powerful photo?!

And, a cleaning plan and gorgeous cleaning closet from Little Green Notebook.

Finally, we will be celebrating Groundhog Day on Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully that cute little groundhog will say spring is on its way. What do you predict??

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  1. My husband loves Groundhog Day. I need to check some of these links out.


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