Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Organizing Rewards

Getting organized is a reward in itself, isn't it? Having a place for your things makes it easier to put them away. Automatically making your space look better and saving you time (and sometimes even money).

The "Get Organized" sale this morning on Zulily made me extra happy, though. It's full of cute, stylish options for every area of your home plus helpful tips for how to be more organized in those areas.

Having nice hangers and colorful bins adds an extra incentive to do the right thing, the right way, every time! So here are a few of my favorites.


We actually have cubes like this in our front hall closet. They are great for corralling all the kids' stuff. Each kids gets a cubby on the floor for boots or rollerblades. They use the upper cubby for stuff they need to take to school or their dad's house.

The coat tree would be handy for the jackets we wear everyday so we don't have to open the closet a million times a day. It would also be helpful for holding extra coats when guests come over. 

The cord holder would be excellent in setting up a charging station for cell phones, iPads, Kindles, and game players. If you keep it in a designated spot near your entry,  you are less likely to forget it at home or to not charge it.

The tote doubles as an errand box: cute enough to keep out in the open to collect library books, packages to mail, or items to return, and then handles to take it with you on the go.


Velvet hangers are sturdier than the metal ones from the dry cleaner but don't bulk up the space the way wooden hangers do. Plus they grip silky items better than any other type of hanger. These are on my must-have list!

The over the door hanger is made for shoes but you can also use it for jewelry or toys in a child's room (I am planning to get one for Barbies in Bela's bedroom).
The bed buddy is handy if you have a bedroom too small for a nightstand or are using bunk beds in a kids' room.

The jumbo storage box in different, fun patterns is a great way to store off-season clothes in your closet or keep craft items neatly put away.


The green frog bin is great for collecting laundry, or storing toys. Fill it up with stuffed animals, balls, or any other large-sized items.

I honestly don't think you can have enough bins when it comes to toy storage which is why I also have the orange bin on this list and the bunny bin. It's best when you can sort the toys but sometimes you just need to fill 'em up and move 'em out.

This over-the-door hanger is a nice neutral and super cheap. If you don't fill yours with Barbies or action figures, consider it for your entryway and keep mittens or sunglasses sorted tidily.

The Lay-n-Go comes in a variety of colors but makes cleaning up tiny toys E-Z. It's a pain to step on Legos and Polly Pockets. Literally.

I love using something pretty to keep our stuff put away. Even better when I can shop for it on a coffee break and then some nice UPS person delivers it right to my front door. And, if you shop through ebates, you will get 1% back on your purchase. 

Happy shopping and happy organizing!


  1. Wonderful blog here! Looking forward to following!

  2. This is great since I'm organizing my son's closet/playspace! velvet hangers changed my life!

  3. I love the idea of organizing everything. I hope I can get it together.


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