Thursday, January 9, 2014

The BIG Picture

A little thank you for putting up with all my wordy posts this week. Today's post is all about the Big Picture.

The look of large format prints has been really appealing to me lately.

Miles Redd for Good Bones Great Pieces
Scale is a very important component when choosing what to put on your walls. How the size of your art compares to the furnishings in your room is what defines "scale."
Digs Design Company via Home Bunch

I say be bold. Go BIG on your walls.

via The House Home
As you can see, it looks good!  

And even better when you can use more than one print... 

Charlotte Barnes via Georgiana Design
You can stack the prints in a high-ceilinged room.

Or create symmetry. Peek through this living room to the series of four large prints on the dining room wall.

via Madeline Weinrib?
This room uses six large format pieces above the sofa and more on the opposing wall. 

via Summerhill Still Life
Is this the same room?? Similar arrangement of art, lookalike chair... Methinks it is! I like the softness that the antique table and blue & white vase brings to the second photo.

via Pinterest
Takeaway tips:

1. BIG! For the rooms with groupings of prints, I would estimate the frame size to be approximately 24x36. The single prints are even bigger.
2. Mats. Using mats with the prints (regardless of the size) makes the prints look more refined, more like art. 
3. Fill up your space! In all the rooms the decorator wasn't afraid to go almost to the ceiling with the prints.

Do you like what you see when you look at the Big Picture? 


  1. I was thinking the same thing with large format....I want everything huge nowadays!

  2. Great tips Carrie! In love with the 2nd photo the most!


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