Friday, January 3, 2014

The Year of the Roses

Happy New Year!!!

I'm easing into 2014 gently. And I'm calling this The Year of the Roses. For the obvious reason that our home team won the Rose Bowl. But also in the same way that I thought of last year as Lucky '13. Positive thinking!

I've got lots of projects planned (including my wedding this summer!) and a list of resolutions as long as my arm. How could 2014 be anything less than rosy?!

Actually I know the answer to that one... There were times that 2013 was hard. Damn HARD. I still choose to see with rose-colored glasses, though.

Here are a few of my favorites from the end of lucky '13. 

I finally read Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities over the break. It was hard! But I can do hard things, and the story was engrossing. It was also humbling because Roddy Doyle, who introduced this edition, read the book when he was eleven.

Twisted Peppermint body wash and lotion from Bath & Body Works smells amazing and makes my skin feel tingly. If Santa didn't put any in your stocking, you will love the sale that they have on it right now. $4 a bottle!

I'm also--surprisingly--digging the eggnog-flavored squares from Ghirardelli. Surprising because I am not a huge fan of the drink. But not at all surprising since I am powered by sugar. 

What's new for you in the new year?



  1. Welcome to 2014! Always glad to see Cosy Carolina. Are you using roses for your wedding?

    1. Happy new year to you! I'm definitely thinking of using lots of roses now that I've declared it the year of the roses. :) Thank you for commenting!


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