Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Before: Pink Bathroom

I have always loved this brick Cape Cod. It's at the corner of my old neighborhood, not far from my current house, so I've seen it a lot over the past ten years.
The yard is huge since it is on a corner lot (thankfully the snow has melted!). I like the mustard-colored siding above the brick. I'm also a big fan of the black trim and black garage doors. Overall, this house has always appeared to me to be well-cared for.

I love the huge, angled window in the front room. There's nothing quite like floor to ceiling windows to make me happy.

There are a total of four bathrooms in this house (two full and two half)! But the interior could use some updating, as evidenced by this pink-tiled bathroom.
With some simple styling using black accents, I think this pink tile could not only work for another few years, but even feel retro and fun!

The black lines on the shower curtain--which I would hang right over the glass doors unless/until they could be removed--coordinate with the lines in the Greek key-patterned Roman shade. The lines are repeated in the rug, but in a different formation, and are picked up again on the trim of the towels.

I also added some fun pattern with the graphic hand towels and leopard print trash can. The pink tray could be used to hold towels or mounted on the wall as art. The stool gives the homeowner someplace to sit or to stack towels between the sink and commode. By adding the stool and replacing the mirror, it makes the room feel less utilitarian and more luxurious.

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To read more about pink bathrooms, check out this article here.


  1. I agree, the B & W will bring it into present trends of retro interiors (what a juxtaposition)!

  2. You know I'm all about black and white - this would totally transform the look of that bathroom!

  3. Great ideas for updating and leaving the original tile! Happy weekend :)


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