Thursday, March 12, 2015

Save the Date: ORC Spring 2015

Linda announced this week that the next round of the One Room Challenge starts in just three little weeks!

I have had so much fun participating in the past (my mom's laundry room-fall 2013, keep-spring 2014, and entryway-fall 2014), and certainly appreciate how much more "finished" my house feels after six weeks of working on one space. So, I am in, again!

This round I'm going to work on my daughter's bedroom.

This is the view from the doorway, and because you can't have a "Before" picture terrible enough, there is not even a bedspread on her bed in this shot. I assure you, though, she does have one!

The initial scheme is something like this. On the bottom of the pile is her duvet (it does exist!). The dark blue wallpaper sample is my favorite, but hers is the lighter color way above it--difficult to see because it blends with the duvet. The dilemma over whose favorite to choose--hers or mine--will be answered in the next few weeks.


I'll tell you, though, this sneak peek of Parker Kennedy Living's room in the ASOS Showhouse is inspiring me to trust my gut and go dark.

But there's plenty more to do in her room: like a gallery wall here...

Some shelf styling... And maybe a trick or two.

Are you participating in the One Room Challenge?

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  1. I think the darker is a nice contrast to her headboard. I would go with a solid or small print quilt on the bed with the duvet at the end. I had thought about participating as we are going to redo our Master Bedroom (was totally unplanned) in the next couple weeks, but we too will have Spring Break and a trip in between.


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