Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For the Sports Fan

We recently converted the fourth bedroom in our house into an exercise room. I wrote about some of my inspiration for the space here. The color scheme is blue and silver, determined largely by the team colors of the Detroit Lions.

Surprising fact #11 about me is that I love to watch sports. So when it came time to decorate the exercise room it seemed the perfect place to incorporate some sports memorabilia. 

Exercise Room Plan

The room plan above is an ideal version of what we actually have. You can shop the sources of the items in the room here.

A good shelving unit is important to counterbalance all the heavy exercise equipment in the room. Besides holding a TV for watching exercise videos, it is where we keep magazines for reading during workouts as well as resistance bands and other smaller pieces of equipment.

The x-benches add a place to sit while lifting weights. A basket holds yoga mats. Drapes mean that my neighbors won't see me...

And while the Barry Sanders framed and autographed jersey is awesome, a less expensive way to get this look is to purchase a new jersey and frame it yourself.


Using a Calvin Johnson jersey from Fanatics and a shadow-box frame from any craft store, you can make your own sports-art. Not only does this make your room reflect more about who you are, it also preserves the value of the jersey. You can read more about how to properly frame a jersey here.


  1. Nice ! Pretty chic sports room!

  2. Love this idea! My husband would love a framed jersey or two in our boring basement!


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