Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gallery Walls and Countdown to ORC Spring 2015

One of the ideas percolating in my brain for the next installment of the One Room Challenge is a gallery wall. There is one large wall in my daughter's bedroom makeover that would be perfect for a bunch of framed images. Here's some inspiration:

Oh Joy
My eight year old (and me too!) loves neon so painting some frames in neon colors might be a fun way to incorporate that into her room design.

Oh Joy
Several of the posters that have been framed for my daughter are of cute animals like the sweet giraffe and panda in this series.

Dustjacket Attic
I haven't decided just yet whether the wallpaper I'm planning for her room will go on the gallery wall or if it would be too distracting. But I do like the inspiration here of a dark wall behind the frames.

Cup of Jo
This is a nice arrangement of very large format and smaller framed images. I am still deciding whether one of the posters will be matted or not.

Town & Country
I'm interested, too, in the mix of frame colors. This arrangement has black, white, and brass/champagne colored frames.

This gallery wall starts low to the floor and goes to nearly the ceiling. Will I have enough framed images to do something similar in my daughter's room?

The Caterpillar Years
This is a sweet idea for a little girl who loves producing her own art.

And a little hint about how I'm planning to use the wallpaper...

Are you looking forward to the One Room Challenge, trademarked and hosted by Linda of Calling It Home? It begins Thursday, April 2nd!


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