Monday, March 16, 2015

In the Great Green Room...

If you have spent much time around small children, chances are today's blog title prompts images of a telephone and a red balloon, and if you turn the page, a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. {And if you have no idea what any of that means, read this great article about the book here.}

But, the great green room is also what I think when I see all of the rooms in today's post. They are spaces that have incorporated some of the emerald in their design. So, in honor of it being March, the month of shamrocks and leprechauns, some great green rooms:

The modern shape of these green chairs and the rest of the furniture in this otherwise very Victorian looking space is unexpected and fun.

Stephanie Kraus Designs
 The green grasscloth walls in this dining room are a fresh take on a classic look. 
This big green couch links the dark walls and white shag carpet to make the room feel cozy and organic. It also illustrates what Paris-based interior designer Sarah Lavoine has to say about living with children.

I love this mid-century modern house tour. The green banquette with the brighter green lumbar pillow and the bit of green glass on the credenza warm up the white & wood look.

Jamie Meares via Flickr
Green drapes in a traditional room in a New York City post-war apartment...
Love is Speed
And in a modern flat in Paris. 
Domaine Home
Green paneled-doors in a Lisbon house tour that mixes modern and traditional.

Made by Girl
A dark room from John Jacob Interiors that uses green as a brilliant accent color. Not only is the focal point of this room the green sofa, but there are some beautiful greens in the abstract painting. See the rest of this space here.

via Carla Aston
Green and brass are a classic combination. 
via Atelier Rue Verte
And the many shades of green in this room, contrasted by the fuchsia ottoman, make me say "oui, oui, oui" all the way home!

Happy early Saint Patrick's Day!! Will you be celebrating?


  1. Such great inspiration! Green is my favorite color and just love it in homes. Those green chairs in the first photo are tdf!

  2. Not sure if you follow Jennifer (Dimples and Tangles), but she incorporates kelly green (her signature color) beautifully into her home. Great pop of color.

  3. I'm loving your greens - so many beautiful rooms. The green grasscloth is amazing and the green sofas…fabulous! Happy Monday!


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