Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Espresso List

By now we are all familiar with the term "bucket list," yes? Well, I propose a new concept to capture the tiny yet powerful changes that can make life more fulfilling: the espresso list.

Instead of a lifetime, the items on (in?) my espresso list are condensed and achievable in one year.

1. Golf three courses I have never been to before.
I haven't golfed much so this isn't hard in the sense that I've hardly been to any courses. I will have to be deliberate about making the time to go somewhere, though. The bonus is that this is one of my husband's favorite hobbies so we can do it together.

2. Paint something.
There's a little bit of wiggle room in this one. I hate, hate, hate painting walls so it could mean overcoming that. It could also mean painting some cool brushstroke art.

3. Learn to make smoothies.
You may be thinking: how hard can this one be? I think the struggle is all in my mind, but it is real.

4. Start my interior design business.
I have my first "real" client. Yay! Now to build a portfolio and do all the tax-stuff so I can make some money making my dream a reality.

5. Read 50 books.
One book per week with two weeks of "vacation" from reading. This one is working out to be the easiest of goals because there are so.many.good books this year! I am in the middle of one written by a woman from my community right now, and looking forward to another by a blogging friend soon. Connect with me on GoodReads to see my reading list and follow my progress.

6. Have a party!
Because why not?! Bonus: ever since I heard the founder of this group at a nonprofit conference talking about his mission, I have wanted to host a wine party. Very powerful!!  

7. Run on the trails near my house.
There are several urban trails not far from our house and I'm itching to get out and explore them. I am a walker, though; not a runner. I had a dream recently that I was running through some fabulous neighborhoods and it felt like I was flying. So maybe I'll give running a try...

8. Go to a professional basketball game.
My nephew did this recently. Isn't he cute?!

What are you hoping to do this year/putting on your espresso list? Is this a concept you can get behind?


  1. This is my summer to golf more too! I'll be on the golf course in Florida in just a couple weeks :-)


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