Friday, March 27, 2015

High Five March Madness Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Have you been watching March Madness? My team plays tonight, but not until 10 p.m.!! I am definitely a morning lark so it might be a challenge to stay awake that long... Otherwise, it has been a week of highs and lows, but we'll focus on some of my favorites from the week a/k/a the "High Five Friday."

1. Most popular pin
Von Fitz Design
This laundry room by Von Fitz Design was my most popular pin this week on Pinterest. I think the simple, streamlined look of the room is what resonates with people.
2. Most favorited tweet

AM Yoga via The Rapidian

I'm still getting the hang of Twitter, which I use primarily as a way to save articles that interest me, so I was surprised when this story about a yoga community in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was favorited more than once. I like how their community "roams" often ending up in people's living rooms.  :)

3. Strange Matter Coffee Co.

This new coffeehouse that brews "pour-over" coffee was something new that I tried this week. I had a cappuccino and lemon cranberry muffin. It was divine! To say nothing of the d├ęcor and my companion!

4. Arhaus outdoor collection
To celebrate their new outdoor collection, Arhaus is sponsoring a pinning contest. Visit their blog to read the details, but hurry. It ends tomorrow. To see my ideal outdoor room, click here.

5. One Room Challenge Linkup

Starts on Thursday! Are you joining in? Linda explains it all here.

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