Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of ... A Calm Life

Visualgraphc via Stripes and Sequins
Last week I wrote about how I might link up with The Nester's 31 Days. There is an ulcer's worth of hectic in my life right now, but this summary of what it's all about is pretty irresistible:
"please do not worry about whether or not someone has written on your topic before. Because, yes, they have. And they will in the future. This is not about coming up with a perfect topic that no one has ever heard of before. This is about accepting a challenge. This is about falling back in love with writing. This is about being afraid and saying yes anyway. This is about encouraging others with something you’ve been through or taking that first step into learning something new." (emphasis added)
So, I guess, consider this Day One... 

I'll write a little everyday about style and what has worked for me. I hope to encourage or inspire someone in some small way. And to overcome my own fear in order to live a happy, calm life. Will you consider following along? :)

Day 2   The Good Stuff
Day 3   One Room Challenge  
Day 4   Simple Routines
Day 5   Designing a Calm Room  
Day 6   Lazy Rainy Sunday
Day 8   Stress  
Day 10 ORC Week Two
Day 12 Life in the Village
Day 14 Tick Tock Mindfulness
Day 15 Grow Calm Through the Five Senses 
Day 16 Wedding Wednesday  
Day 18 ORC Link Party: Week 3
Day 19 Packing Tips  
Day 21 Easy Menu Planning
Day 22 The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker
Day 23 The Life of a Commuter 


  1. Talk about serendipity! Whoa, you could say I'm writing about the same thing. Good luck, looking forward to your posts.


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