Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Life of a Commuter

There's a fascinating project going on right now in my community to improve the 19-mile corridor between the state capitol and the village where I live. This is the exact stretch of road that I use on a nearly daily basis. So it is super fun to follow along. 

Check out this sped-up video. They only go halfway--so you don't get to see the loveliness of Meridian Township, the quaint small town of Williamston, or rural Webberville where we live and the figurative end of the road. BUT it does show the downtown near the state Capitol and the edge of Michigan State University's campus including the entrance to West Circle where I lived as a freshman, the Union, and the sleek new art museum. 

Take note of the extra long traffic light in the video. That's the road where I turn to go to my new house... The construction near there, thankfully, was completed during the summer [while the students were gone]. It's funny. I grew up in a tourist town that got busier in summer. Now that I'm an adult I live in a town that empties out for summer. I prefer it this way. Summer should be slower.

Ours is a relatively short commute. Lately I feel like it is unbelievably annoying. After all, I just want to be home! But it also has this side to it. A beautiful tour through so many vastly different areas: from rural to urban all in less than 30 minutes! 

To read the article and watch even  more videos, visit the Lansing State Journal here.

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