Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Yesterday on the way to school I was telling my kids about the 31 day blogging challenge--how you write everyday for an entire month. From the backseat, Bela piped up that might not be the best idea for someone who is moving and planning a wedding. Out of the mouths of babes! 

I really do enjoy writing the series though and, just like I predicted, the more I do it the easier it gets. 

The house has been a major preoccupier (preoccupant?) of my time and I haven't written anything about our wedding plans since this day. But we have set our date, registered with the church, and later today I'll tour a potential reception site. I even won 100 save-the-date cards from a local printer!

I tried looking at idea books from the florist to determine our color scheme. It just made me more confused. Do I want peach or purple or pink??? I did discover I am a big fan of the way ranunculus look in bouquets.


The most exciting news of all, though, is that I have my dress! I had expected that I would visit lots of shops (including Becker's Bridal, which is only a short drive away and the subject of this book). Not quite as filmy as this Grace Kelly-esque dress above, mine is similar and it is PERFECT. It was the only one I tried on and it doesn't even need to be altered! Hooray!

We also bought Bela's little flower girl dress that day. It coordinates so perfectly. I don't know if she'll go for the floral wreath thing shown above, but isn't the whole effect so sweet?! 

I liked both of these images so much I pinned them twice. Pure coincidence! IF you can't get enough of wedding pictures, visit my board here. And leave me a suggestion about color scheme!

{This has been day 16 of the 31 Days of ... A Calm Life series.}


  1. Such beautiful images and thoughts! That dress is so pretty...I look forward to your post-wedding posts. Hoping to get a glimpse of your dress.

    1. Thank you, Dana! I hope to post more details as we make progress. :)

  2. Carrie, that is so exciting that you found your dress. What a beautiful flower girl you will have. Did you check with a florist to see what is blooming at the time you have your wedding? That may help you pick a color.

  3. Gorgeous dress! What an exciting time for you!

  4. love the flowers and what a happy thing to planning a wedding!


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