Friday, October 18, 2013

ORC Link Party: Week 3

Calling It Home
It's week three of the One Room Challenge Linking Party, and this post should have gone up yesterday... I have been fighting with my computer to upload the photos that my mom sent me for thirty minutes. I concede defeat.

Here are some shots of her new rug. I ordered the Radici Alba 1857 in Denim Blue from RugsUSA as a runner for the area in front of the washer and dryer near the back door. I had it sent to me so I could check it out first; I wanted to make sure that it would be plushy enough and that the colors were right.

This close-up shows the nice level of color in the pattern.  I had wanted a dark blue to ground the space. The paler blue inside the leaf keeps it "breezy" and the pale green adds another color for a little variety.

One of my concerns was that the rug hide dog hair well since my parents will always have a dog. 

As soon as I laid it down, my old girl decided that was her spot. The rug hid her blonde fur really well, and later when my parents arrived for the weekend, it hid the black fur from their little Buddy.

I was a teensy bit annoyed because RugsUSA charged my credit card but hadn't sent me a tracking message. That is until I arrived home from work one day and saw the rug on my doorstep. I'm hoping the same will be true with the fabric I ordered from Calico last week. I've gotten zip in terms of a confirmation or tracking...

Stay tuned for next week. Will we have fabric?? Will I upload photos?? 

And be sure to go visit all the other participants in the Linking Party.  :)


  1. The rug looks great in the laundry room and it does hide muddy paws & hair. Plus, it is very nice to stand on while sorting and folding! Thank you for doing this, it is much appreciated!

    1. I'm glad you like it, mom! It makes me happy to do something nice for you since you do so much for us! :)

  2. I love that rug, great call. Calico is usually really fast with shipping. I think they have a great customer service department if you want to give them a call. This is so crazy that you are doing this 3 hours away. Good for you.

  3. I had a bad experience with RugUSA too that I never ordered again, mine was far worse than yours though. Glad you got a great rug for your space!

  4. Like you I am always looking for dog friendly items in my home...especially rugs:) I think this one is definitely a winner!

  5. Every week there are so many projects to see - but your sweet dog grabbed me this week! Great rug choice! I also have a yellow dog so hair camouflage is a definite plus!

  6. I love the grey-blue hue of the rug and the overall pattern is pretty. Glad everything turned out fine in the end.


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