Thursday, October 24, 2013

ORC Week 4: Oh no! Only Two Weeks To Go

I think that headline pretty much captures how I am feeling about the One Room Challenge this week.

There's still a lot to do. I'm directing from three hours away and feeling a twinge of guilt about not being there to actually do anything helpful.

But, the new rug is down and the fabric is on its way. The order had to be re-placed. I don't know what happened but it never went through the first time; I am calling it user error. Once it arrives, my mom is going to be sewing it into a skirt for the bottom of the sink. The skirt will cover up the section of cabinet that a dog gnawed on and add a little vava-VA-voom to the space.

Imagine something like this but with blue buffalo check instead of the red...

I am also hoping that we can get some lattice to cover the furnace in the corner. I think the combo of lattice and louvered doors will be really nice together. 

Finally we need to decide on art for the wall to the left of the door in this area.

This is the BEFORE picture. The wall rack on the right is now gone! I think the door step has gotten some paint (lots of paws have passed through there) and all the "stuff" in the corner is going into a special cabinet that is getting painted this week.

The hold-up with the art, besides the fact that it is a small space, is that I envision something like this:
But my mom is not crazy about it. And it's her house... So I keep sending links and she keeps saying that she wants something different. Art is hard because it's personal. It has to speak to your soul as well as fit into your design scheme. Or, at least, that's what I think it should do.

There you have it... Two weeks to go! Be sure to visit the fabulous bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge here as well as the linking party here.


  1. Excited to see your moms laundry!! You've inspired me to fashion a skirt for my LR sink. Small effort for big results. Looking forward to seeing your finished room!

  2. My mom and I can never agree on art. That's a hard one. Bummer about the order not going through. Don't stress it, just do what you can and don't worry about it. We are not being graded as a friend of mine likes to tell me.

  3. Your right about the art, she has to choose or she'll change it eventually. :-) Liking the plan so far dear. :-)

  4. Sounds like it'll be a really nice fun space! Can't wait to see it come together!

  5. I like the art too! :) Sorry about your order, fingers crossed for you this week!

  6. I know how you feel - waiting for an order and keeping your fingers crossed that it comes in time for you to "do your thing". Yep, I'm there too! Have my fingers crossed for both of us!


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