Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grow Calm Through the Five Senses

When I am feeling overwhelmed, with too much to do and too little time to do it in, I have a little trick. I grow calm through my five senses.

By engaging my senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste, my stress melts away and I find myself back in the moment. It's the best method I have yet figured out to become mindful quickly. I adapt "taste" to what I'm feeling in my body since I'm not always eating. 

I actually think this (the five senses) is one of the things I like best about Pinterest. Through pictures I can tap into all five senses very easily. Here are a few of my recent faves.


via Gold & Gray
Just look at all the color and pattern in Mick Jagger's gorgeous Parisian apartment. The chandelier. The millwork. The rug. There is so much beauty to look at.


I don't know where in the world this is but I imagine that it is very quiet there. Just the sounds of nature and the wind blowing through the trees.


via Belgian Pearls
Is there any smell fresher than oranges?! It's my favorite of many lovely fragrances. In fact, I have a bottle of orange essential oil in my purse for when I need a hit of that sweetness.

Luxuriously soft fur you could sink your hands deep into (if they'd let you get close enough).


BBQ. In a crockpot. Mmmmmm. Click here for recipe.

Here are a few links to think more about this concept.
  • Read "13 Questions to Ask Yourself If You're Feeling Overwhelmed" and check out Eckhart Tolle's recommendation at the end (I'm in good company!)
  • Some families and houses have a certain smell ... from the Little Green Notebook
  • Becoming Minimalist shares how to declutter your mind


  1. Beautiful images Carrie! Ok, so...I have it all figured out...I want to eat that barbeque at Mick Jagger's table in his Parisian apartment. :-)

  2. Hi Carrie, This post was so right on! I was just told to practice this exercise to reduce anxiety. Now, I just have to remember to use it! LOL!

    1. No way! That's cool that it's recommended by experts (I mean experts at something other than getting themselves stressed out like I do. Haha!)

  3. What a wonderful idea and one I must try...just love all the images and they certainly capture the five senses!!


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