Saturday, October 5, 2013

Designing a Calm Room

Can a room be both calm and dramatic? Looking at the room above, I say YES!

Why does it work?

The pillows on the dark sofa are a shade darker than the upholstery.

There is just one oversized piece of art, and the subject of the art is simple--beach and sky.

There are just a few items on the coffee table symmetrically arranged. The flower arrangement is monochromatic, but introduces a new, fresh color into the space.

The contrasts are subtle. Nothing is too dark and there are no pure whites. Everything is kind of in the mid-tone range: from the creamy white walls to the charcoal sofa. It's a design that has really limited color and pattern, which is nonexistent.

Texture is the true star of the room. Imagine the plushiness of the sofa, the cool hard feel of the marble, the roughness of the carpet, the bright brassiness of the picture frame, and even the way the moldings just out from the wall.

I like when you can engage one of your senses (in this case, touch) in a room rather than just seeing. What do you think?

{This is Day 5 of the 31 Days to ... A Calm Life}


  1. Great tips and perspective. Thank you for the lovely photo. Something to really think about!

  2. Thank you so much for running through this. I seldom take the time to really look at a room, and even when I do, I don't have an eye developed towards figuring out just why it works.


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