Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Room Fit for My Princess

I've been staying awake during Bela's bedtime by imagining her bedroom re-decorated. She is turning six in September, and while she's still very much a little girl, the design I imagine is a little bit sophisticated.

Love this family-friendly house (4 kids under age 7!!!)
The above photo is from a Better Homes & Gardens featured house. The family has four children under age 7. Their little girl's bedroom has been designed to grow with her. The white walls and carpeting visually expand the space. 

Space is an issue in Bela's bedroom. It's pretty tiny at 10x10. Furthermore, there is not much wall space. One wall is dominated by her closet, another by the door and a large china cabinet that belonged to my dad's mother, and a third by a large window (which is actually two windows in one frame). The fourth wall has only one smaller window

Part of my plan is to make fabric-covered window shades for all three windows and cover the larger set of windows with drapes. There are two options, depending on Bela's color choice for the room.

1.  Pink
Shades                           Drapes

2.  Purple
Shades                           Drapes

The fabric samples above are all from The drapery rod will be painted some wild color to coordinate with the fabric. The current plan is to use the long rod from Bela's closet, adding brackets and finials to match. Then I'll replace it in her closet with a rod that is closer to her height.

colorful curtain rods- what a great idea

Because the window is large, I am considering doing a valance, and I like the idea of using the contrasting fabric that is on the shade. We'll see, though. It would be an exaggeration to say I am a novice seamstress. I have never sewn anything.

I'd like to center Bela's bed in front of the big window, and I would really like to swap out what she has now for a daybed. I found the perfect one on Craig's List a few weeks ago for $75. It was black and had a low profile. The effect was sleek sophistication. Of course it was picked up in a snap, so here are a few choices I found online shopping:

HEMNES Daybed frame with 3 drawers IKEA Sofa, single bed, bed for two and storage in one piece of furniture. 
Hemnes Daybed from IKEA 

This one is currently on sale for $319, regularly priced $399. I like that it has drawers below for toy storage. And I think it is the one in the inspiration picture above.

Greek Key Daybed from

The second choice is more graphic but probably not as comfortable. It definitely does not have the storage space of the IKEA bed. And, it costs $200 more.

REGOLIT Floor lamp, bow IKEA Suitable for use above a coffee table; does not have to be ceiling mounted but is connected to an ordinary wall socket.

The Regolit Floor Lamp from IKEA

To give us some light for reading bedtime stories, there is this great floor lamp that could be placed in the corner of Bela's bedroom to hang over her bed.

Now that she is going into first grade, Bela has been asking for a desk in her bedroom. Here is the Whitney writing desk and hutch, a very cute choice from Pottery Barn Kids. The turned legs give it a more feminine look. I also like the color. However, at a base price of $259 (and another $99 for the hutch)--on sale!--I think this one is out of our price range.

 Whitney Writing Desk & Hutch

We will add some cute little flower hooks on the wall near a mirror that hangs at Bela's eye level. These will hold necklaces, bracelets, and hair supplies. None of which have a good place in her room now. At $12.95 each I will not likely have as many as in the photo.

  Flower Hang Ups
Land of Nod

Finally, in another corner of Bela's room, I will make a little reading nook. There is already a canopy hanging in the corner. To make it into a special place, we'll use a pouf or circle pillow inside the canopy. Then hang some little shelves on the wall to display her favorite books. Both pillows are from Etsy.

20" diameter round Pillow-Pouf Cover (Funda de coj√≠n redondo 50cm). Amy Butler (Soul Blossoms) and Patricia Bravo fabrics. Double Piping  OR  Honey Bun Pouf

Great way to store books. The books become like artwork in a kids room. So cute.
Source: Daffodil Design

Now to set the budget, acquire all the stuff, and put it together! Do you think she'll like it??


  1. Do you know anyone that could make the bed withthe storage unit? It looks pretty easy for a carpenter. Same for the desk. Your other ideas are great!! I think your little girl will love her room

  2. Do you know any carpenters, Carrie ;-)??? These are terrific ideas! I love the curtain rods...and replacing the clothes rods in the closet at a lower level..great. Have you checked out Land of Nod? They have some very cute ideas...and some are a bit less expensive than PBK.


  3. In fact I do know a good carpenter! ;) I'll surf around on Land of Nod. We've gotten some really nice gifts from there. :)


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