Monday, July 9, 2012

Send me your picture!

Last week I featured some of my current faves from online shopping sites; however, in reality, I'm buying NOTHING right now. My budget is stricter than strict, which has actually been a positive thing. Not having the money to splurge on all the pretty things forces me to be creative. 

Because of my budget I haven't had much of an opportunity to try some of the great discount tricks that I see other design bloggers doing. The easiest way to save money is to not spend it after all. So I don't check Craig's List or shop at Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store (even though that one is right down the road). 

I have gotten a few things at a discount that I'm proud to show off.

These Target stackable chairs cost about $160 for four. They are dark brown and have held up pretty well over the past two years.

But not nearly as well as this beauty! This wooden cafe chair, and three others like it, are from my grandma's house. She used them around her kitchen table, and before we moved to this house I used them in our kitchen at a chess table that had belonged to my grandpa. The chairs are OLD. While I don't like to be too fussy with furniture, even sentimental antiques, I also felt like the chairs needed a break from the spills and thrills of our daily life. They're on standby now.

Target stackable chairs in my dining room

The table in the above photo was given to me by my parents. They bought it during their whirlwind courtship, and I think buying it may have been my dad's super suave way of getting another date with my mom. It's very pretty and has lots of character. (Not to mention, LOOK at that corn!!! Knee-high by the Fourth of July only if you are Paul Bunyan!)

I also bought three of these white bar stools with rush seats. They were featured in Pottery Barn at the time, but I got mine on eBay. For the three, I think I paid about what one would have cost through PB. They have been re-glued once or twice, and finally screwed back together. So not super sturdy but pretty nonetheless.

Here again we come now to the brown couch... I paid my co-worker in chocolate chip cookies for this retro sofa. The pillow covers were an actual Pottery Barn purchase but one that I made during a design class (and thus got a sweet in-store discount!). The two white pillow covers are so soft, and I've had surprisingly few issues with them and kids. The sea-patterned pillow is a discontinued bed sham that makes an awesome big pillow. It was much more affordable than buying a floor-sized cushion or other type of big pillow, even one from a discount store. And I love the pattern and colors. It's been great for tying together some of the more disparate elements of our living room (green leather chair, red rocking chair, pink striped sofa, etc), and it's the beach theme I love. I think I paid less than $30 for all three pillow covers.

One last picture of the brown couch, open this time, to hold the wonder twins, fast asleep!

Do you shop Craig's List or have any tips for finding discount furniture and accessories? Send me a picture! I would love to see your treasures!

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  1. I have a wing back chair I bought for $10 at a yard sale. Had it reupholstered & used it for years in the living room. Also bought a drop leaf table for $20 at a yard sale. Yard sales can yield great treasures!


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