Monday, July 30, 2012

More Girly Bedrooms

Inspired by the ideas for the design of Bela's bedroom, I found this link to 33 Wonderful Girls Rooms. Here are my favorites and what I like about each of them.

1) The upholstered headboard would be so cozy for reading bedtime stories. 2) The coral pattern of the fabric on the headboard is timeless, and the color (also coral) is unique. 3) The rice paper lanterns over the bed are an inexpensive way to create some visual interest.

1) I'm a sucker for sleigh beds.The curved lines of this one are especially nice. 2) The purple canopy over the bed evokes the feeling of sleeping in a tent, and I like the added strings of pom poms for additional texture and color. 3) The outgrown princess costumes have been hung on the wall for display, adding to the overall fairy tale theme of the room.

1) The drapes are hung higher than the window for a grander look. 2) Either the wallpaper has been matched to the fabric of the window shade or the walls were covered in fabric. Regardless it creates a unified look in a small space. 3) The little window seat and the wall canopy over the bed create little nooks within the room.

This last photo, however, is my very favorite room. If it had been mine when I was a little girl, wild horses would not have been able to drag me out of there. Can't you just imagine running up and down those stairs?!

Which room do you like best? What do you wish your bedroom had been like when you were a little girl? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Totally love the first one for the little peanut. I would have loved the castle when I was little.
    This is a fun blog!

  2. I really like the second one!!

  3. I love the last one too. I bought one of those canopies from the thrift store, but as soon as I put it up, the kids started swinging from it. Maybe I'll try again in a few years :)


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