Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three Easy Peeves

In general I like to accentuate the positive but I have a few pet peeves around the house... Rather than eliminate the negative, I'm posting about them today. 

1. Lost items

This has to be my number one pet peeve of all time. Lost car keys? Misplaced cell phone? Nothing is more irritating to me than needing something and not knowing where to find it. Everything has to have a place in my house (and purse and office and car... you get the picture) or I will search for whatever it is in a growing state of frustration, particularly as time ticks down. I have a hook for my car keys when I come in the door, my cell phone goes on the counter near where I charge it (and oddly enough, next to my landline phone). Batteries are stored together in a cabinet in the laundry room; sunscreens and insect repellant are together in a small basket. The logic of my system is not clear to everyone, but it work for me!

2. Bad smells

Well, this is an obvious one and needs--and I'm sure you would prefer--no explanation. The pursuit of good smells, however, is part of Gretchen Rubin's new book Happier at Home. I loved her first installment The Happiness Project, about her year test-driving the wisdom of the ages on how to be happier. Because of my shared interest in making my home a happy refuge, I am looking forward to the new book, which is due in early September.

Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life 

3. Houseflies

Unfortunately, there is no organizing trick or book to read about this one. On the up-side it means the weather has cooled enough to have the doors and windows open more. And I am developing stealthy, ninja-like reflexes for swatting the pests. But, overall, houseflies just frustrate and annoy me.

Something that makes me quite excited though is smith+noble's sample policy. I've just spent a happy hour selecting my 30 free choices. I love all the colors, patterns, and textures. 

Care to share your most irritating pet peeves? Please leave a comment below!



  1. My latest peeve is how the medical community and media have scared people from getting their daily sun, now are pushing Vitamin D in pill form, as it has recently been discovered as a near cure-all!! what next i wonder!

    your blog is very pretty!

  2. Thank you, Sue! I hope you will keep reading the blog. :) It is interesting about the Vitamin D; I know my pediatrician has really been pushing it. I would much prefer to just go outside!


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