Friday, July 13, 2012


I love all of the possibilities that Pinterest represents. In one place you can create lists of fabulous rooms, project ideas, fun kid activities, and delicious recipes! And I like being able to follow a tip back to its original source and find a new blog. Yesterday I found a few projects that I really want to try, as well as blogs that I will now follow:

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1. This is a fabric-covered roller shade from Rene, the beautiful mom and interior decorator at The how-to looks pretty easy. (And even though it uses a hot glue gun, I'm still considering it a sewing project).

Boat for a sand box. 
2. This is a cute sandbox from, an interior designer from Australia. Even though my school-age kids are too big for the sandbox we have currently, they are not too big to play in the sand! Now to find an old boat...

3. These cute little bags come from How About Orange (since I already love House of Turquoise, it's great to find a website devoted to my other favorite color). Jessica Jones, the graphic and textile designer who blogs at also offers free fonts and printables. I am not sure how easy these are to make although they are adorable and DIY. I may give one a try since I love to have lots of these little bags to keep my purse organized.

If you would like an invitation to Pinterest, please let me know. I'd love to bring you along!

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