Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lantern Love

Lanterns are a staple of beach-themed decor. I have a few already but would love to add more. And even if I wasn't planning to purchase more, I would still be sort of giddy about the "Warm Weather Nights" sale on One Kings Lane today. There are a bunch of different styles and finishes in a range of prices. Here are a few that I liked.

Old Zinc Lantern, Medium 
Old Zinc Lantern, $19

S/2 Pyramid Lanterns 
Pyramid Lanterns, $115 set of two 

16" Royal White Lantern
Royal White Lantern, $25

S/2 Colonial Lanterns, Copper 
The Copper Colonial Lantern, $12 set of 2, is similar to some cute little guys I saw at IKEA recently. It's also offered in white,

And perhaps my most interesting find, the Table Lantern, which comes in two sizes and a variety of colors including white, black, burgundy, and yellow.

Do you have lantern love? It was hard for me to choose just a few. Which ones are your favorites?

p.s. It's been unbearably hot in mid-Michigan this week. Yesterday, in fact, was the hottest day on record for Lansing at 111 degrees (with the heat index). I bought a pool this morning for the kids to frolic in, but we are waiting to inflate it later... like when it's not so hot outside. So we're back in the house today. Our energy bill is going to be sky-high this month, but thank goodness for air conditioning to keep us reasonably cool and electronics to keep us busy!


  1. My favorite is the pyramid lantern - all those angles lend interest BP

  2. I really lovethe pyramid ones as well but since I'm on a budget I would choose the Ikea ones. Can't beat that price for two! I have them in white but would love the copper ones too! Unfortunately I didn't see them there when I went. ~Jen


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