Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Happy Monday! I hope that you all enjoyed my birthday weekend as much as I did. Although I was not terribly excited about turning another year older--at first--I was reminded that there are people who would give anything for one more day. So... we celebrated. Mostly with shopping and cake!

Here are a few of my favorite things from the past week...

My plan for any birthday money was to buy lots of pretty bottles of liquor and create a home bar.

These coasters from Pretty Smitten on Etsy would look so great on a well-styled bar cart ...  

Like Kristin's on The Hunted Interior. However, the tooth fairy comes tonight, and we took a  road trip to IKEA --and there goes my budget for a bar.

While at IKEA I saw these great lucite chairs. Called the Tobias. It reminded me of this post about retro chrome chairs, and the funniest Arrested Development character EVER.

My parents were visiting for my birthday and we watched Hitchcock's North by Northwest on Saturday night. It's one of my favorites, and even the kids were hooked. Thankfully it wasn't black and white because there would have been tears.

I also found out that this film was made here in Michigan and includes shots of my hometown. It should be something my kids enjoy; the writer previewed it with his wife's fifth grade class.

And I still want to move back to my other "hometown." I found this house, which is right next door to one of my son's best friends... and practically in the backyard of my ex-husband.

I think it's a contender because I saw the perfect replacement fixture for the foyer when I was at Pottery Barn over the weekend.

Very similar--if not this one--and it was marked down from $300-plus to less than $200!

There's also this house, a little further away, but on the same street in the same neighborhood.

Is it just me or is there something so so fun about trying to work around funky wallpaper?? I'll understand if you say it is just me, but I love it. This house had been listed with someone else, and thankfully for my imagination, the new realtor has some different photos. 

But we still have a ton of little jobs to do around our current house. In particular, painting. Which is why I didn't finish Bela's room to feature on the kid room link-up hosted last week by Emily A. Clark. However, I found three rooms that I just love and that you must see... Tomorrow.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Carrie!! So glad I stopped by to today, thanks for the sweet mention, I've bought those Ikea chairs for a client before they're so fun, and even comfortable!

  2. I didn't know about those lucite chairs at ikea! Great find...I have to get myself there soon! Happy birthday

  3. Glad you enjoyed your bday weekend. Love those Tobias chairs have used them so many times over!! Good luck with your next house choice:)

  4. Happy Birthday, belated. I'm not with you on the funky wallpaper, but I would love to watch you work with it. How soon are you planning on moving?


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