Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inspiring Kids' Rooms

Part of making our house feel like home has to include a design plan for the kid spaces. I've been working on Griffin's and Bela's bedrooms for awhile, but I'm not quite ready for the big reveal. So until then... some great kid spaces from other bloggers!

I love this sweet room for a little boy from Almost Home. The post is chock-full of tips on how to inexpensively decorate a child's room.

Not surprisingly this little boy's room is on a blog called i love that! The room has such a great mix of colors and patterns, but what I'm most loving are the huge stripes on the wall. 

I have to mention the very chic lucite book shelves, too. I've seen them in a few other blogger kid rooms but had to hunt down the link. You can find them here; they range in size from 16 inches to 48 inches and are a great price!

Finally, Classic Style Home has a fun sports-themed gameroom. I love how all the "stuff" is contained in the bins and coffee table tray. And very affordably, too.

Do you notice a theme? I am loving the blue & white stripes in all three spaces.  It's a look that I've already starting building on in Griffin's room. And one day, I'll show you!

For more kid spaces that I like, please visit my kid room and playrooms boards on Pinterest!


  1. hmmm.. really liking all of your picks. Its a good reminder that I need to work on my oldest sons room. its a complete disaster.

  2. I did blue and white stripes in my son's room, but much smaller than the second photo. I'm kind of wishing I did huge ones like that - looks amazing!

  3. I'm a blue and white stripe girl, too! Love the inspiration for Griffin. I have to makeover my sons room, too, but he's 25 and I still have someof his stuff to clear out. I'm thinking guest room. Have a great day.
    Xo Nancy

  4. I love stripes. I need to do my son's room. That graphic wall is really fun.

  5. What a sweet surprise to see my son's room on your blog! I was just scrolling through my feedly reader and did a double take when I saw that very familiar picture! You just made my day--thanks so much!!

  6. I love all your choices here Carrie! The stripes are just great, and I believe the top photo is the same duvet cover in Liam's room. He chose an emerald green paint for his new bedroom...now how am I going to incorporate this into his space? I did find a nice throw pillow at Marshall's with emerald green polka-dots, so we have a start with accessories. Moving in and of itself, is a lot of work and then designing rooms with a totally different look than was in the old house; is another thing altogether. Your blog is very helpful!


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