Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Time: When the Living Moves Outdoors

For as long as I can remember it seems like once the Fourth of July is over, that's it. Summer is kaput. And it is so not true! There's a lot of outdoor living to still be enjoyed!! So today I'm inviting you all over to my imaginary backyard for some fun.

You know what they say. "Back door friends are best" -- so come on in through here. Aren't my hydrangeas doing well this year? It must be all this #@*% rain. Close your eyes as we step inside! It's been ages since I cleaned; I've been out surfing every minute!

Did you bring your swimsuit? The water's perfect. And though you can't see it behind these hedges, we rolled the TV out of the pool house and the baseball game is on.

Oh, you'd rather not get in the pool and ruin your hair & makeup? I totally get that. We can hang out over here instead and put our feet up while the kids splash.

The dogs are running loose! It's a parade of different-sized pups as they race around the yard.

We can sit down over here to chat awhile. 

Unless you would rather play Scrabble?? Maybe next year I'll have to DIY an outdoor Candy Crush board...

Time for dinner! Follow me through the side porch to the dining patio.

Yum yum! That barbecue and strawberry shortcake were delicious! Let's have another round of mojitos and sing Billy Joel songs until the crickets drown us out. 

Great party... Let's do it again tomorrow night!


  1. Why Carrie- your imaginary home is lovely! I love how you just threw the outdoor area together for our little soiree! Of course, every soiree needs a scrabble game too! Ha ha, this is a GREAT post and I am swooning over every picture here!

  2. Haha, I'll be right over, and I may never leave. Cheers!

  3. Such lovely inspiration:) your blog Is so great.

    If you like Lexington...check out my blog:)

    Have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from

    1. Maria, thank you so much!! :) I'm over at your blog now and really enjoying it!


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