Monday, July 15, 2013

Almost There...

It feels as if I have been planning Bela's bedroom makeover forever. In fact, it was last summer that I announced my first plan for it. The plan has evolved since then. 

But the announcement by Emily A. Clark last week that she would be hosting a link-up party starting today featuring blogger's best kid's spaces spurred me on to do what I needed to get it done. Except, of course, that I'm not quite there. 

Some things have actually been done for awhile and others I managed to finish today. For example, I purchased two glittery 11x14 gold frames at Michael's today (bonus: it was buy one, get one free) and some white mats. When I got home, I turned on HGTV and began adding the art. Incidentally, Hilary of Love it or List it deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

I had put off stopping to buy the peacock chair on the way home from work because it was raining. That turned out to be extremely fortuitous. When I called to find out what time the store closed, the owner and I worked out a deal. I said $20; he countered $25. And because I was paying cash, that was the out-the-door price. Woohoo! I'm sure it was because it was the end of the day and the owner didn't feel like bringing it back indoors for the night. But it feels like I've learned how to negotiate!

And despite the humidity and later rainstorm, I managed to get the frame of my grandma's antique mirror spray painted. My first ever spray paint job, and it was A LOT easier than I expected. So easy it's entirely possible I've done something very wrong.

But regardless of my efforts, pop over to Emily A. Clark's site--not only to see the other inspiring rooms, but also because you can enter to win a $500 giveaway to Pottery Barn Kids!

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  1. good job; can't wait to see the finished product


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