Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sharing a Room: Twin Beds

Today let's chat about getting it on in the bedroom with a couple of twins. 

This room is one of my favorites. The beds are part of a long room with lots of French doors. I love that the decorator has covered the walls in maps (I have a slight map obsession) and the striped duvet and sham give it a nautical theme. All of which scream VACATION. Which my mind is still a bit on...
This room is great because of the framed art above each bed. I like that there are two lamps on the chest between the beds, and the Union Jack reminds me of my summer in London many moons ago.

These bamboo four posters are just so gorgeous! Nothing says Palm Beach like bamboo. And nothing says r&r like Palm Beach. The orange floral pillows and the stripes in the adjoining room really clinch it for me. Quite possibly my favorite room EVER.
This darling room is so sweet. The red buffalo plaid pillows you can just barely see; the toy stable; the ducky nightlight; the pennant on the wall which repeats on the duvet--all remind me of being down on the farm. And being in the country reminds me of being on vacation...
All you empty nesters, listen up! This is what you need to be doing with the rooms your kids have outgrown. It is so perfect. The twin beds make it feel still somewhat juvenile, what you want when your grown child comes home. Yet the rug and art take it to another, very sophisticated level.

The fresh blue and whites in this room are so refreshing. I love the glass lamp and how perfectly this arrangement would work in a small space. I love that the shelves are FULL of books. Is there anything better on vacation than reading a book until it's done? 

Some places you need to pack in as many kids in as you can. Twin bunks are a perfect choice. With that many kids you can imagine the giggling and squealing, which is why the soothing color palette is so important. The empty space in between the bunks for playing board games and eating cookies create the ideal scenario for a rainy summer day.

And if you have the space, why not triplets???

I hope your return from the long weekend doesn't have you wishing for a return to vacation quite as much as I am this morning. 

All images via Pinterest.


  1. Love these rooms! Great ideas for empty nesters - we have not changed the rooms are kids had at all (still refer to them as MC's room, CJ's room). Thank you so much

  2. I LOVE this post! I had twin beds as a child, and I love posts like these!

  3. Love all of the rooms that you highlighted! My son has twin beds in his room and this is just a reminder that it needs to be redone and refreshed really haven't it touched it since he was like 4 and he's now 12. yikes.... and triplets -- oh my!


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