Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paint It Black

If there's a piece of furniture that you have been wanting to change up, I say, why not paint it black? Too dark, you say? Not if you take tips from this collection of inspirational gorgeousness.

The brass keyholes and matte finish on this chest of drawers really soften the look of the piece. And the white-washed chair and flokati rug take that effect to another level.
Knight Moves
This dark chest pops against the white wall. A well-placed piece in a dark color provides great contrast in an otherwise light space. Be sure to visit the link to see what this space looked like before she painted the chest. And note how awesome the mix of brass mirror and silver lamps & shades looks together, too.
In a nursery, a dark piece adds sophistication and glamour. Maybe not always your first choice when you think of a sweet little baby, but certainly a look that can be grown into. via Holly Mathis
And, you can create the look of a piece of furniture by painting the base of a bar or island black. I especially like the moldings and post. 

-- I'm pretty sure those aren't the technical terms but you'll have to forgive me, I have had NO coffee yet today; I'm saving myself for my birthday cup at Starbucks. Which may be why I'm in such a black mood. Today is the last day at this age and it feels like everything good is in the past. But black can be nice, too, don't you think??


  1. Count me obsessed. LOVE the French piece!!

  2. Happy Birthday! And thanks so much for your sweet comment about my son's bedroom :) As for black pieces, as I try to fine tune my own style, I've noticed that I'm really drawn to spaces that have a good amount of black--I think I love the contrast it brings. Definitely can't go wrong with black!

  3. Happy Bday Carrie! And I'll paint anything that doesn't move especially black - its my no fail solution! love all of your image:) have a great weekend!

  4. Love me some black paint. I am just about to whip out my black spray paint.


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