Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home of the Brave

Last night I shared a photo of the "birthplace of my independence" on Instagram. One of these days I'll share with you how I decorated 600 square feet for me and two little people. But for today, let's look at a totally different kind of Independence House.

This beautiful old farmhouse is for sale in my area. It is 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms and five baths plus another almost 1,500 square feet in the finished lower level. It was built in 1856, but appears to have been maintained well over the past 150 years! 

I used to drive past this house every day a few years ago when I was taking my son to nursery school, and I still sometimes go out of my way just to drive past it. The house is across from the river, there is a roadside vegetable stand down the street, and yet it is all within walking distance of downtown Okemos including this spa.

If you want to see more, be sure to visit the realtor's listing. There are many more photos!

I've always thought it was the perfect house for a big Fourth of July party. A barbeque with lots of family, friends, and all of the neighbors invited, too!
This is the back deck. Can you tell how lovely the yard must be?

I think the interior of the house could use some updates to its decor. Which is perfect since that's what I love to do!!

Here's a little red, white, and blue makeover of this "great room"!

The room already has loads of potential thanks to that wall of windows! 

A neutral sectional can work for a family (we've had one for the past year and a half and it has stayed remarkably clean even with some lax rules about eating outside the kitchen). Adding in some red gingham pillows, navy stars, and anchors just for fun makes it a soft, patriotic place to watch the World Cup, or my new favorite show, Deadbeat. A round seagrass coffee table for setting down drinks, or red roses, is also perfect for putting your feet up. It adds a different texture to the space as well as visually connecting with the burlap of the anchor pillows.

I'd layer a great old Persian rug in reds & blues over that purple carpeting if there are no hard woods underneath it or the budget prohibited new carpeting right away. After all, red and blue DO make purple.
  A pair of matching armchairs creates additional seating for when you have a house full of guests or want to have a cozy conversation away from the action on the big couch. These are leather so even more texture! I would place the chairs in front of the windows, which would get a window treatment. White drapes will fade into the background once the walls are painted BM White Dove. I like to be able to close out the world once it gets dark outside--how about you? 

The brass sconces would be mounted on either side of the built-in cabinet to light up the room (why in the world did they not close that bottom cabinet for the realtor photos?!?) and re-style the shelves with tasteful Americana like the Coca Cola sign.

The blue star pillows here are available on 1st Dibs for $675--I'm pretty sure I can find something similar on Etsy for much, much less. The anchor pillows are from Cottage & Bungalow and totally worth it. The red gingham are not found but also easily whipped up by a talented seamstress.

What do you think? Does this room make you proud to be an American?


  1. I love seeing the old farm houses too - they are perfect for the 4th of July and often have bunting on the porches - so pretty!

  2. Love this house! You could work miracles with it.

  3. Such potential! I like your board here....very patriotic.

  4. Oh yes, you did a terrific job on re-doing the decor of this beautiful home. I love the windows too!

  5. Oh what a gorgeous home, it is so pretty and I love that porch. Your redesign is fabulous and would be perfect. Thanks tons for the visit and gracious comment. I have enjoyed finding your blog also.


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